Unlock your Spock

Unlock your Spock, nurse
The thinking jock.
In reason, stock.
Your head full chock.

Emotion, block.
Religion, knock.
Illogic, mock.
To scissors, rock.

Don’t jump rejoice,
Without his voice,
To guide your choice,
Of rolls or Royce.

Don’t improvise.
When chance arise,
Try on for size,
This Enterprise.

This guy insider.
Calm decider.
Anger hider.
Truth abider.

The one that bends.
Who letter sends.
Ends pretends,
And makes amends.

The man who plans.
Buys minivans.
Stores up his cans.
Controls his glands.

No chitter chat,
Or swagger frat.
A diplomat.
A clever cat.

His omissions:
Hopeless missions.

He’ll exercise
He’ll maximize

To measure right,
Looks not hindsight.
Makes best of plight
In current light.

Odds in favor?
Risk won’t waiver.
More than saver.
Future paver.

He never lies.
Yet more, this guy’s.
He flies. He dies.
And then he’ll rise.

Unlike portrayed,
He makes the grade,
He’s wealthy paid,
He so gets laid.

The lesson cinch:
Just inch by inch,
Turn your winch
On Vulcan pinch.

Take lesson stock:
No dove or hawk.
For life to rock,
Embrace your Spock.

RIP Leonard Nimoy
See also: Keep Kirk in Lurk

6 thoughts on “Unlock your Spock”

  1. Thank you Dan! I really appreciate it. It’s nerve wracking to publish poetry so you comment is reassuring. P.S. I have an overarching project in mind I’d like to talk to you about sometime. 🙂

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