Yahoo! Election 2008 Political Dashboard

I’m happy to report the launch of the Yahoo! Election ’08 Political Dashboard. Using the dashboard, you can navigate through a wealth of election-related data, including prediction market data from, polling data from Real Clear Politics, search buzz data from Yahoo!, and financial contributions data, regional demographic data, and historical voting records from AP. You can view the election landscape from the national level or dive in deeper to investigate trends state by state.

Yiling, Tej, Lance, and I played supporting roles among a cast that includes fantastic teams at Yahoo! News, UI/Design, Ops, Q&A, and more.

We’ve come a long way since 2006.

See also coverage from TechCrunch and the Yahoo! corporate blog.

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  1. Hi David,

    Congrats on a great tool. It is a really neat way to have all the information to hand in one screen.

    One question though: How are the candidates ordered? You realise you risk the wrath of the Paulites for putting the man on the second page…


  2. Nigel: you’re right! Cue allegations of academic protectionism — wouldn’t want that federal funding to dry up now…

  3. So the corrupt corporate thugs here at Yahoo feel they can put Ron Paul on the second page all because of some bogus polls. Tell me, why is it those bogus polls or the news media din’t have Ron Paul as 2nd in their numbers prior to Nevada’s election? Or is it because those polls are actually a pile of horseshit. I’ll say the same thing Penn and Teller says when they give their opinion of these political polls, “Fuuck you Frank”, or perhaps in this case “Fuuck you Yahoo”. Your Yahoo Buzz show’s who the people are interested in (no matter how much you try and hide them on the second page). Ron Paul is going to win this election !!! The American people are tired of getting screwed by the federal government and the corporate thugs that are raping this nation.

  4. The Presidential race is a narrow field with two candidates from the Democratic Party and four candidates in the Republican Party with Senator John McCain being speculated as the GOP nominee.

    The Democratic Party is confronted with two challenges “experience” vs. “judgment” and some interpret it as “information vs. inspiration”.

    The experience aspect of it has already been discussed in my blog on previous occasions. It is acknowledged as an asset for leadership. However, if that experience is not exercised diligently and rationally as in the authorization for illegal invasion of ‘Iraq’ it transforms into ‘liability’ evident in the current economic, employment, energy, national security, environmental and international crisis.

    The information concept is beneficial if the underlining motive is to serve in the best interest of the people. Again, if the same ‘information’ is provided to mislead and misguide the electorate through distortion of facts for reckless policy decision making, it represents ‘pure politics’. The underlying difference from the current administration in this regard being the articulation of such information.

    The recent and the last ‘Presidential Debate’ between the two primary contenders were based on judgment, experience and electability. There was clear distinction in the candidate’s response on important issues highlighting the character and credibility or lack thereof, the criteria for any leadership particularly the most powerful office in the nation and the world.

    As a woman, I admire and acknowledge the accomplishments of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in her career as an ‘Attorney’ and a ‘Senator’. However, I respectfully disagree with her on numerous issues concerning the electorate and the strategy throughout the Presidential Campaign.

    Senator Hillary Clinton did not address the question on her voting record for the Iraq war truthfully and effectively to the electorate. The ‘human aspect’ i.e. admitting and acknowledging mistakes and accepting responsibility for unpopular decisions leading to policy failures is a vital component of character to serve the highest office in the nation and the entire world. Again the similarity in this context with the incumbent administration cannot be ignored.

    The Senator’s position against issuing ‘Drivers License’ to the vast undocumented population comprising Latino and other ethnic groups is a major credibility issue. The Senator is in favor of legislating the path to immigration status for undocumented workers but against the process involving the same group of people being identified with a legitimate document to strengthen our national security.

    The interjection of divisive, partisan and racial politics time and again in the Presidential race with the relevant rhetoric being ‘The Latino population has no affinity towards the African American Candidate’ is detrimental to our status as the progressive nation with an admirable cultural and political diversity in the entire world. The inappropriate comment undermines character required for ‘Statesmanship’.

    The claim that it took a ‘Clinton’ to clean up the mess left behind by the former President George H.W.Bush and emphasizing that it would require another ‘Clinton’ to resolve the issues confronting the citizens with the current administration, is an explicit assault on the intelligence of the people representing a nation that has pioneered most inventions and discoveries including the ideal democratic system in the world. A statement that is contradictory to her recent acknowledgement of our national achievements.

    The assertion that electing the ‘First Female President’ to the highest office for the benefit of making history given all of the above mentioned erroneous policy making along with serious character and credibility issues will be equivalent to subjecting democracy to dynasty.

    The failure to demonstrate judgment on a major issue such as military action and threats against countries in the most volatile regions contributing to further destabilization of the world reflects lack of understanding, ‘experience’ and discerning character. It is overcast on decision making process concerning national and international policies.

    It is important to realize that the current event involves electing a leader and not a ‘politician’ for the highest office on land and planet earth.

    The economy and employment is the current major concern among the electorate. The economic crisis being directly related to the Iraq war, ending the Iraq war as proposed by Senator Obama in itself would allow the new administration to invest the several billion dollars to stimulate the national economy, job growth, housing, mortgage crisis, health care, education, energy and environment issues otherwise being wasted in a wild adventure that should have never been authorized in a reckless manner.

    The office of the President of the United States matters not only to the citizens of this nation but the entire world. The international community unanimously view that U.S. Foreign Policy decision up until now has contributed to the widespread international crisis, violence and turmoil and history is testimony to that perception.

    The voting record of the candidate on foreign policy is the most sensitive issue facing the United States to bring about any stability in the international regions given the new undertaking by the current administration to ‘promote’ democracy around the world.

    The voters from coast to coast, California to New York and beyond have the great opportunity to come forward on February 5th, 2008 and change the political landscape, mindset and image of our great nation that has diminished in the past eight years.

    The political system gone wild with partisan politics, power brokers playing a major role in the national and international policy decision making resulting in gridlock and legislative roadblocks at the state and federal level is dysfunctional and disservice to the people of the democratic society.

    Senator Barack Obama demonstrated leadership in electing to vote against the war. His judgment reflects his concern for human lives, cost of conducting such war, economic impact on both nations, and strategic relationship in the region not to mention the national and international security. The character displayed in this matter is not only worthy of appreciation but underscores electability to the highest office and surpasses any wealth of experience against the candidates in favor of this disastrous venture at the dawn of the twenty first century.

    The voters of this nation can validate his candidacy by casting their vote for a new beginning with optimism, opportunities and prospects for every citizen regardless of race, religion, politics and socio economic background. The nation has to heal and time is the essence and it is now to go to the polls as citizens of this great country and the human race to reflect the true diversity of the United States of America and elect Senator Barack Obama as the nominee of the Democratic Party on February 5th, 2008 and to the Presidency of the United States of America in November 2008.

    I request all of the supporters of Senator John Edwards to join the movement committed towards bringing about ‘Positive Changes’ in everyone’s life. May I remind you of the assurance by Senator John Edwards of Senator Barack Obama’s true commitment to deliver ‘real change’ in people’s life during the Presidential Debate after the Iowa caucus?

    The Presidency of Barack Obama when elected, is truly committed towards ‘environmental cause’. It has pledged that United States will play an unprecedented role with the effective environmental policy and lead the international community in dealing with the urgent crisis.

    The focus on the energy efficiency program and directing our country and the international community away from oil dependency that has contributed to the burgeoning international crisis in the twentieth and now in the twenty first century would be another unique position for us.

    The endorsement by the former Vice President Al Gore, the champion of the ‘Environmental Cause’ and the 2007 Nobel Peace Laureate would further strengthen and validate our pledge to combat the ‘Global Warming’ crisis.

    The Nation salutes our ‘Fallen Heroes’ and all those brave young men and women serving and defending our honor in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. A special tribute to those ‘Hospitalized Veterans’ at home, your needs will be addressed by the future President Barack Obama.

    I call on the celebrities in Hollywood and Bollywood to come forward and encourage your fans to vote for Senator Obama. I call on the popular T.V.Show hosts ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ and ‘The Colbert Report’ by Steven Colbert to urge all your viewers to vote for Senator Obama. I would like to include all the ‘Late Night T.V.Show hosts, Mr.David Letterman, Mr.Conon O’Brian, Mr.Jay Leno and the media power to support the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama.I am grateful to Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez and all the cast and crew of Free Speech and World Link T.V for their tremendous support towards this cause . I deeply appreciate Mr. Charlie Rose for his presentation of an extraordinary night every night with outstanding and distinguished guests. The CNN and C-Span for their professional coverage of the Presidential debates and discourse. My special thanks to the most objective and veteran journalist ‘Mr.Tim Russert’ of “Meet The Press”.

    The entrepreneurial support from Google, Apple, Oracle in the Silicon Valley and others throughout California and across the nation would further enhance the formidability of this candidacy.

    The citizens of the United States of America with the President Barack Obama in the year 2009 would be the ‘real and refreshing change’ depicting the ‘People Power’ as opposed to the ‘Corporate Power’ or the ‘dynasty’.

    The White House is not for ‘Sale’.

    You can make history on February 5th, 2008 nominating Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic Party leading to his victory in the general election in November 2008.

    ‘Yes We Can’ and We Will Succeed as “People Power” had spoken not once, or twice but throughout the twentieth century.



    Thank you all very much for your vote, support and donations.


  5. I’m having trouble opening the dashboard. It was working fine before till like 3 weeks ago. Now, it just stops loading at 50%.

  6. In this election we have to think Big, we
    have to think Patriotic, we have to think
    Honesty, we have to think Intelligently,
    we have to think with Reason, we have to
    think as an American, we have to think in
    the dangers of our Country, we have to think
    Positive, we have to think. We have to
    think in McCain. We have a beautiful Country
    in order to maintain….think McCain.

  7. I’ve tried for days from different computers to go to the Dashboard and all I get is “Yahoo News” Dashboard loading 1% and it just sits there static. Is anyone else having issues?

  8. I get the loading 1% problem too. Was working yeaterday morning but by afternoon it would not load. It’s a great website and I want it back!

  9. Thanks everyone for your feedback, interest and enthusiasm. We’re investigating. If you’re experiencing a problem, if you leave your browser, version, and operating system, that would be great.

  10. My Political Dashboard works just fine infrequently, but often hangs on ‘Loading 1%’.

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    Update Versions:0

    Windows Vista Home Premium Version 6.0 (Build 6001: Service Pack 1)
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