Predict Olympic medal counts on Yoopick

We just added a new feature to Yoopick designed especially for Frenchmen Chris and Emile and citizens of nineteen other countries to place their swagor* on how many Olympic medals they think their country will win.

We’ve argued that the Yoopick interface is useful for predicting almost any kind of number, and since medal count is indeed a number, we thought we’d give it a try.

Besides, Lance told us it would be a good idea.

Sign up, play, enjoy, and don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Sharad Goel
David Pennock
Dan Reeves

* Scientific wild-ass guess, on record

Yoopick: Olympic medal count: Select

Yoopick: Olympics medal count: France: Make pick

2 thoughts on “Predict Olympic medal counts on Yoopick”

  1. Hmm. How often are medals revoked after they have been awarded?

    What probability updating mechanism are you using?

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