March is World Blogging Month (WoBloMo)

I’m planning to take the World Blogging Month (WoBloMo) challenge in March. Join me!

The goal is simple: blog at least every other day from March 1 to March 31. Post something — anything — on every odd day of the month and you win. Skip any day not divisible by 2 and you lose.

Many bloggers already write every day or nearly so. More power to them. For the rest of us, who blog infrequently and spend copious time arguing with their inner editors, ludicrous and artificial pretenses can be a good thing.

WoBloMo resembles the write-a-novel-in-a-month contest NaNoWriMo and other timed artistic challenges prefaced on the idea that quantity and quality can be friends. By suppressing the Spock-like perfectionist inside you, you can bring out your inner Kirk and “just do it”. Agonizing over details always has diminishing returns and sometimes, perversely, can make things worse. Or so the theory goes. You be the judge once (if) my WoBloMo fountain erupts.

Added 2009/02/26: Full disclosure.

5 thoughts on “March is World Blogging Month (WoBloMo)”

  1. Sounds like a great idea. I’m in. Hopefully it will help improve my post frequency in the long term too.

    Just a small point. I googled WoBloMo to see who else has signed up and find out more about its history. This post is pretty much the only hit for that term – not even the site appears in the results!

    I quick WhoIs reveals that the reason for this is that you are the owner of In the interests of full disclosure, you might want to mention that.

  2. Thanks Mark. Glad you like the idea and glad you’ll give it a try.

    Yes, you’re right: I made it up! That didn’t take long.

    I didn’t necessarily want to hide that fact (e.g., whois) but I didn’t necessarily want to shout it out, either.

  3. Manual trackback:

    The WoBloMo Challenge

    Mark Reid: “…I plan to take up the challenge and write a blog post here every other day in March…
    …By forcing regular posts I’m hoping to not indulge myself as much in my writing, find the main thing I want to say in each post and just say it…”

    Excellent, Mark. Great way to summarize the main idea of the challenge. Good luck!

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    Money Conciousness: March is World Blogging month, so I have decided to throw my hat in, which will mean more posts on this blog for my faithful readers (both of them)

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    Anthony Towns: Okay, so it’s not writing a novel, but it could still be fun. Via David Pennock, who is apparently of the view that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth registering the domain and turning it into a worldwide phenomenon. And hey, why not?

    John Moeller: In celebration of WoBloMo, I give you my first attempt at an every-other-day post for the month of March… The take-home message of the post was “What seems obvious in two and three dimensional space does not hold in 10 dimensions or higher”

    Thomas Sutton: I’ve decided to participate in World Blogging Month. I hope to post to this blog every other day for the month of March.

    The Monthly Newsletter of the Lansing Junior Chamber of Commerce. I’m not making this up.

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