CFP: Third Workshop on Sponsored Search

We’re soliciting research paper submissions and participants for the Third Workshop on Sponsored Search, to be held May 8, 2007 in Banff, Canada, in conjunction with the 16th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2007). The workshop will have an academic/research bent, though we welcome both researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to attend to discuss the latest developments in sponsored search research. Attendance will be open to all WWW2007 registrants.

See the workshop homepage for more details and information.

Sponsored search is a multi-billion dollar industry in rapid growth. Typically, web search engines auction off advertising space next to their standard algorithmic search results. Most major search engines, including Ask, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!, rely on sponsored search to monetize their services. Advertisers use sponsored search to procure leads and manage their customer acquisition process. Third party search engine marketers (SEMs) help advertisers manage their keyword portfolios and bidding campaigns. Academic work on sponsored search has only recently begun.

You can indicate your intent to attend at, though please note that official registration must go through the WWW2007 conference.

Hope to see you in Banff!

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