DictionaryIf a Frenchman with a jolly name can coin a term, sick then so can I. And so I did. In a previous post:

…no matter how surprised industry watchers were at the blogomediasphere’s glowing reception of the [iPhone]…

As it turns out, nurse it looks like at least three others have already coined the term independently, to me a positive sign that it has a certain natural ring to it. What does it mean? A shorthand for “blogosphere and traditional media” that reflects the increasingly blurry lines between them, and the symbiotic echo chamber than has grown to encompass both.

Whiners who detest the words blog and blogosphere will hate this one even more. I personally like it (enough to place a small, good-natured wager). Who wants to write the Wikipedia entry? 😉

8 thoughts on “Blogomediasphere”

  1. I hereby grant you permission to write the defnitive wikipedia entry for blogomediasphere, provided that you attribute the origin to my mention of the term in December 2005. Otherwise, my attorneys will be all over this case like a pack of hyenas on a three-day-dead zebra carcass.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.



  2. Why not just blogomedia though? Why do we need to cram media between o and sphere? Blogomedia sounds just as good and takes less keystrokes.

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